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"Brainspotting is based on the profound attunement of the therapist with the patient, finding a somatic cue and extinguishing it by down-regulating the amygdala. It isn't just PNS (Parasympathetic Nervous System) activation that is facilitated, it is homeostasis."
-- Robert Scaer, MD, "The Trauma Spectrum"


Why Choose Brainspotting as a Client?
Why Choose Brainspotting as a Client?

What is a Brainspot?
What is a Brainspot?

Brainspotting – A Deeply Powerful and Effective Therapy Method

Developed by David Grand, PhD

Beyond Talk Therapy: Deep Brain/Body Healing

Brainspotting – The Most Effective Method Used After the Newtown-Sandy Hook Tragedy
After the Newton-Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy in December of 2012, many therapists worked with the survivors to help them recover from the trauma. In 2016, the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation, Inc., did a survey of the community to assess which therapy method was the most effective. The answer: Brainspotting. (You can read the report here: 2016 NSHCF Community Assessment Report )

What is Brainspotting and how does it work?
We all experience emotionally upsetting events in our lives. Sometimes we are able to process these events and we never think of them again. Other times, parts of the emotional events stay in our brain/nervous system and continue to bother us, which we notice on a conscious level. And often, even if they do not bother us consciously, these events continue to influence us subconsciously. In some cases, this can lead to emotional or behavioral problems in our life, such as addiction, anxiety, anger, depression, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, substance abuse, numbness, etc.

Clients who come to my office often feel stuck because they have tried to fix the problem already and haven’t been able to overcome it. Most of these clients don’t realize is that the problem is in their subconscious and thus out of their ordinary awareness. There may have been an event in their past, or a series of events, that is the root of the issue but that they have forgotten about or that they think they are “over.” Or a client may have some awareness of the root cause but be unaware of additional connections the brain has made to that issue that are beyond the person’s ability to access consciously. Brainspotting allows a client to access easily that deep source of the problem and all that the brain has connected to it, and lets the client’s brain naturally processes all of the material that is causing the emotional issues that are currently bothering the client.

Brainspotting uses eye position to activate specific deep parts of the brain where these emotional events appear to be stored. From studies we know that the Brainspotting process bypasses the conscious brain (cerebral cortex) and goes into the subcortical brain (the limbic brain and brain stem) where it appears the brain records these unprocessed emotional upsets deep in its neural circuitry. In this way, Brainspotting is unlike most other therapy methods that focus on talk as the main way to process events. Brainspotting bypasses the part of the brain that has language and delves into the unconscious part of the brain, stimulating the precise parts necessary to process the issue at hand.

The therapist and client work together to locate the appropriate brainspot to work on at any one time. The client’s job is to stay aware of what is happening for them internally as they maintain focus on that specific brainspot with their eyes. This focus on the brainspot paired with the client’s mindful attunement to their internal process creates the right conditions for the brain to heal itself by processing what is stored there. Brainspotting utilizes the innate self-healing capacities of the brain and body which is deepened by the attunement of the therapist.
San Diego Brainspotting

Each client may experience this healing process in a different, individualized way. The client may experience body sensations, emotions, words may come up or memories may be stimulated. It is the client’s job to simply stay with the process and follow where it goes. The therapist stays attuned to the client and may help stabilize the client if it becomes overwhelming, although this is rare with BSP. The therapist also provides an important role in healing in the cases of trauma or attachment issues (problems in relationships with important people in our lives) because the experience of those issues often involves a deep feeling of aloneness. Having an attuned therapist present with you as you process this aloneness helps to heal that emotional wound because you are not alone with it.

In my experience, usually clients report that it was an interesting or “weird” process and many have told me that they could tell their brain seemed to be processing and healing the issue.

Uses for Brainspotting
Brainspotting can be effectively used with these conditions:
  • Trauma – both physical and emotional trauma (broadly defined)
    • E.g., trauma from abuse (emotional, physical or sexual), from a relationship breakup, recovery from injury or accident, trauma from medical interventions, surgery or treatment, trauma from war or natural disasters, trauma experienced as a first responder, etc.
  • Anger and rage problems
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Overcoming Blocks or Slumps
    • E.g., Sports Peak Performance issues, blocks in artistic or creative endeavors, as well as blocks in work situations or feeling “stuck” in any way
  • Self-Sabotage in any form
  • Addictions and Substance Abuse (especially cravings)
  • ADD and ADHD
  • Stuttering
  • Phobias & Panic Attacks
If you are interested in trying Brainspotting, please contact me to make an appointment.

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